Nutritional Supplements of Exceptional Bioactivity


Build Your Business With Your Own Private Label

Utilise the simple and cost effective NutriNZ Wholesale option!

Create your own custom brand of highly bioactive health supplements, expand your existing business and generate additional revenue or even take advantage of the low minimum order quantities and simply share the vastly beneficial NutriNZ product range with your friends and family at wholesale price.

Minimum Order Quantities:

50 assorted units (1x 500g MIP Colostrum powder equates to 6 units; 1x 300g MIP Day Boost equates to 4 units).

Please note, we only supply our finished/bottled products and not bulk powder quantities. 

If your product requirements significantly exceed this minimum order quantity then please say so in your registration form and we will get in touch accordingly.

Private Labelling:

Any of our products can be labelled with your own design!

We offer two private labelling options: firstly, simply send us your logo, website and address and we can add it into our existing label design or, secondly, design your own (we can send you label specifications)! This option allows you to easily reflect your unique business aesthetic and all at a low cost.

How it works:

You can apply for a Wholesale Account if your requirement is at this minimum quantity or above. By doing so, you