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The Anti-ageing Revolution

Ageing starts off noticeably with significant changes to the human bodies, for example changes in metabolism and hormone production, decreased immunity against infections and diseases, skin deteriorations and appearance of wrinkles, distortions in sleep patterns, changes to bones, joints and muscles, changes in the reproductive systems of male and female, changes in lungs, kidneys and central nervous system etc. While ageing theorists normally believed it is a result of wear and tear of the body exposed to ultra-violet light over time and as a product of metabolic rates, the actual argument against the rationale behind human ageing is still unknown (Kapoor, Dureja & Chadha, 2009).

As much as it is complex by nature, the effects of ageing are perceived differently by each human organ and have its ways of affecting some people more than the others. Few researchers argued that ageing is a result of lifelong biological and psychological processes that tend to wear out with the passage of time. Elements such as diet, heredity, illnesses, culture, physical activity and other environmental reasons are attributed to the ageing process, making it inevitable. However, scientific advancements over time have prescribed many anecdotes to outperform ageing process by keeping the skin fresh and the body, healthy (Lippman, 1987; Estes & Binney, 1989). Although there is no measure of the exact timeline before one ages, there are certainly tips and tricks and methods by which it can be altered and made easy a process, if not entirely stoppable.

The Biology of Ageing

Medical researchers and gerontologists have long remained concerned about the biological deteriorations taking place in humans and animals, which lead towards ageing. One of the most commonly cited cause of ageing is referred to the oxidative stress that produces damage to human DNA, lipids (fats) and proteins through the chemical oxidation that causes them to deteriorate (Graf, 2005). Unhealthy habits such as drug abuse, alcoholism and smoking produce these changes more rapidly, while oxidants are also producible through infections, poor health and inflammation. Another biological explanation for ageing comes from poor cellular functioning with the increase in chronical age resulting from an excessive accumulation of lipofuscin which is a deadly fatty substance for human beings and animals (Kapoor, Dureja & Chadha, 2009).

Different bio-gerontologists provided their own explanations for the ageing process while majority of scientific community deemed it as a predefined process controlled by human genetics. When more waste products build up in metabolic systems, cellular functions deteriorate, hence, leading to ageing. Another perpetrator often addressed as the main factor behind ageing is collagen that forms bodily proteins (Kapoor, Dureja & Chadha, 2009). With an increase in the age, these proteins become less efficient at functioning, and produce age-related symptoms such as wrinkles and weaker muscles. Evolutionary scientists and gerontologists provided the definition of ageing as nothing more than an uncontrollable accumulation of faults in human bodies that weakens their organs and causes poor cellular performances (Lippman, 1987). While biologically, the phenomenon is complex yet dynamic, age-related impairment of tissues and organs is perhaps, the most visible signs of normal ageing.

Ageing and Psychological Changes

Ageing is an inevitable reality that older people dread to realize. Like any other phenomenon that brings changes, ageing results in psychological impairments, dependency and mental distress (Birren & Schaie, 2001). Cognitive factors of memory and thinking abilities together with affective elements such as sadness, loneliness and depression impact upon an individual’s self-image. Result shows that out of an increasingly ageing populations living in rest homes and in community, almost 16-65% of these people suffer from a lack of energy, deprivation, lack of concentration and poor appetite, simply because they think they are not young and capable anymore (Estes & Binney, 1989; Kapoor, Dureja & Chadha, 2009). Financial dependence, social isolation, loneliness and poor nutritional levels are common stimulators for loss of interest in living, as a result of which these older citizens feel completely abandoned and dejected. This social participation minimizes, and they seem to isolate themselves from everything that is happening around. This social withdrawal gives way to anxiety and depression that makes death a relatively preferred option for these people to give up living! While the biological causes of ageing are not less frightening, the psychological pressures become visible relatively sooner, and carry deep impact on the individuals’ well-being (Birren & Schaie, 2001).

Can ageing be avoided?

There are certain secret tips and treatments in the medicinal world that can slow down the ageing process, or at least prevent from severe age-related deteriorations. Just as important as it is to prevent skin infections and wrinkles form emerging outside, it is also essential to take adequate care of bodily systems and functions so that good health could be maintained for a longer time (Kapoor, Dureja & Chadha, 2009). Therapists, doctors and yoga experts recommend some universal lifestyles changes as part of keeping fit and ageless. These include being happy and stress-free, eating fresh produce, taking adequate sleep, staying active and involving in exercise, moisturizing the skin and hydrating it and avoiding unnecessary makeup and artificial chemicals on the skin (Graf, 2005). While everyone knows about these secrets, not many people literally follow these tips for a lifetime. In this case, while they tend to maintain a relatively healthy regime, the skin still weakness and age appears inevitably.

NutriNZ believes that serums, facial cleansers and moisturizers can do some justice to the skin, while there is more attention that needs to be paid towards the body. This involves taking more minerals, more nutritional supplements, and anti-oxidants that could radiate in the muscles and organs, making it stronger and less aged. In this regard, three secret recipes emerge from the wonderland of NutriNZ that has taken the medicinal world by storm in providing best anti-ageing solutions. What else do you need?


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What I need to Know about NutriNZ‘s Offers

MIP Colostrum, NutriNZ Deer Antler Velvet, NutriNZ Sheep Placenta and Marine Collagen are three wonderful supplements that nourishes the inside of your body and manages slowing down and putting off the ageing process. While Deer Antler Velvet is a supplement made out of New Zealand-sourced products that contains collages, nutrients and minerals to provide a quick cellular boost and Sheep Placenta provides immunity against cellular damage through anti-oxidant elements, Marine Collagen is rich in amino acids that can sustain a youthful body while fulfilling all its nutritional requirements simultaneously. The result is definitely a healthier and younger ‘You’! For a more detailed description of these fabulous antidotes against ageing, read the descriptions as follows:

NutriNZ Marine Collagen supplements are a rich source of the amino acids that are the building blocks of a healthy, youthful body. The creation and repair of bone, cartilage, muscle and skin slows down drastically as we age; NutriNZ Marine Collagen caps feed the connective tissues and helps regenerate the lean muscle mass that is unfortunately lost over time. You’ll look and feel better and younger using NutriNZ Marine Collagen as an anti-ageing supplement.

NutriNZ Maxi OMEGA-3 Krill: The rich supply of the antioxidant astaxanthin and the healthy fatty acids contained within our red krill oil are part of the reason dermatologists recommend it. It helps to reduce the signs of wrinkles and blemishes while also working at a cellular level to prevent long term damage and degeneration. The omega-3s also help to reduce nail breakage and hair damage.

MIP Colostrum  – Powder 500g bag  –  Powder 80g  –  90 VegeCaps is a perfect dietary supplement mainly for two reasons: its active growth stimulants provide energy to bones and muscles and its anti-ageing properties provide immune boosting and other digestive benefits that you will cherish forever. A supplement popular for its dual mechanism of utilizing natural hormones in maintaining a sound body while sustaining the vitality of muscles, joints and tendons, you will not only feel youthful but will be more active and energetic with its consistent use.

NutriNZ Deer Antler Velvet is another powerful New Zealand-sourced supplement that will help you fight the effects of ageing. It contains essential amino acids and lipids, including IGF-1, IGF-2 and epidermal growth factor EGF. In combination with the beneficial minerals and trace elements, collagen, and other nutrients found in deer velvet, NutriNZ Deer Velvet provides a powerful boost for your body on the cellular level.

NutriNZ Sheep Placenta offers you a high-quality modern take on an ancient vitality-boosting tonic. Sheep placenta has been in use in Traditional Chinese Medicine and by other cultures for thousands of years. Using NutriNZ Sheep Placenta for anti-ageing gives your body an anti-oxidant blast, combating cellular damage & deterioration, along with plenty of other beneficial growth factors and nutrients that help rejuvenate the body’s tissues.


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