Deer Antler Velvet, Spray
Deer Antler Velvet Spray
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Deer Antler Velvet Spray

25.62 USD - 36.60 USD

Supports Vitality, Mental Function, Joint Health

30 ml (95 Servings) – High Potency Spray

NutriNZ Deer Antler Velvet Spray is carefully sourced from premium antler, grazed in the South of New Zealand and used in this high strength liquid spray, specially formulised for faster absorption into the body with the key ingredient. It provides a power-packed natural supplement with over 40 key compounds and 396 bioactive ingredients making it an effective natural health remedy to help restore bone and joint health, vitality, athletic performance and strength.

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NutriNZ Deer Antler Velvet Spray is rich with bioactive components, so it is no surprise it has been so successfully used for numerous ailments, both for short-term relief and long-term maintenance:

  • Ageing: While the ageing process is inevitable, deer antler velvet can be used as an anti-ageing aid, providing support for joint function, blood health, cholesterol, and tissue damage.
  • Athletic performance: Deer antler velvet is widely used by athletes to support improved performance. More and more athletes are looking to deer velvet as a training aid, a promoter of recovery after physical activity and injury, and injury prevention through strengthening.
  • Healthy joint function: As well as providing support for joint health and mobility, deer velvet helps improve bone strength.
  • Immune function: Deer Antler Velvet has been used for thousands of years to boost the body’s natural defences by supporting healthy immune function.
  • Support for growth: A range of factors in deer velvet help support the growth and development of children, as well as enhancing the immune system and supporting mental ability.
  • Vitality: For all members of the family, deer antler velvet can improve the oxygen carrying components of the blood, aiding in mental sharpness and endurance.

The NutriNZ Advantage:

Clean sourced – our New Zealand sourced deer antler velvet is free of GMO and pesticides.

From happy free range deer – New Zealand deer roam on wide open pastures, eating only natural herbs and grasses.

Controlled process from farm to bottle – monitored by the National Velvetting Standards Body (NVSB).

The 75:1 Extract Ratio – One of the Strongest In the Market!  Our Deer Antler Velvet Extract contains 100% natural concentrated growth factors, providing a powerful bioactive range of active ingredients. We use a proprietary cold-extraction process which preserves the heat sensitive micro nutrients found naturally in Deer Antler Velvet providing a 75:1 Extract Ratio. That means it takes 75 kilograms of fresh deer antler velvet to make one kilogram of our extract.

Blue Tinted Glass – The Perfect Packaging for this Superior Product!  Our aim is to offer you products with exceptional quality. With respect to ingredients, naturalness, potency, taste, storage life and other important criteria, these should comply with the highest quality criteria. We wish to hand over our Deer Antler Velvet Spray to you in such a way that the special quality is completely maintained over a longer time period. Comparable packaging materials limit this requirement as they are not sufficiently able to protect sensitive products from the quality lessening influences of light.

No Alcohol Is Used!  We do not use any type of alcohol during the extraction process. It is commonly found among inferior deer antler sprays that alcohol is used during the extraction process. However, we have found that there are safer and more appropriate ways to extract the active growth factors and other critical components from the deer antler.

Heat Free Extraction!  We also do not use heat when we extract the active compounds from deer antler as it can compromise some of the components during the process. This leads to reduced potency, and bioavailability. Instead, we deliver a Deer Antler Spray that is produced using a cold-pressed technique.

98% Bio-availability Rating!  We are able to provide a Deer Antler Spray product with a 98% bioavailability rating. This is impressive compared to other deer antler liquids on the market. With this in mind, a much more potent concentration of IGF-1 is available to you. The body also more readily absorbs these components and the benefits are significantly enhanced compared to a product with a lower bioavailability rating.

Due to the special extraction method used in the production of this Deer Antler Spray, users can expect to gain the benefit of a full growth factor matrix! The liposomal based spray is easily absorbed into the body. Simply spray into your mouth and experience the benefits that come with the use of a Deer Antler Spray.  Plus, with NutriNZ, customers can be sure that they get the most potent product – as no chemicals, heat, or alcohol is used during processing. 

Quality Standards:  

In New Zealand, deer antler velvet is sourced humanely and each procedure is monitored and supervised by a veterinarian that is licensed and trained by the National Velvetting Standards Body (NVSB). These procedures are performed in government-licensed facilities in compliance with a strict code of practice that confirms these animals are unharmed and that essential hygiene standards are followed. The process is quick and designed to minimise stress for the deer. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) regulate the processing of deer antler velvet.

NutriNZ Deer Antler Velvet is GMP manufactured and laboratory quality tested. During storage and shipment, precautions are taken to ensure that product quality is maintained. Each package is giving a batch number to enable trace back.

Trusted for over 20 years. Pure and natural sourced ingredients produced in New Zealand combined with rigorous testing and manufacturing standards guarantee the quality, efficacy and safety of all NutriNZ products.

Active Ingredients (per spray):
New Zealand Premium Grade Deer Antler Velvet Spray (75:1).
Per 30ml bottle (95 Servings).

Purified water, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, natural flavouring agents (Stevia leaf extract and Xylitol from birch trees).

Contains no: artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, gluten or alcohol. Free GMO’s.

Adults: Shake bottle well, spray 1x under your tongue, 3x daily and hold the liquid under your tongue for 20 seconds before swallowing. This allows the active ingredients to absorb quickly into the bloodstream.

Note: It is important for new customers to bear in mind that everybody’s metabolism and absorption rate varies. Most supplements can take up to 3 months to make a difference. We advise you to consider this for your order. 

Not recommended during pregnancy or lactation. Not recommended for children under the age of 5.

Please note, that the above are recommended daily intakes, which can be doubled during periods of severe health problems.

What does Deer Antler Velvet Growth mean?

Deer antler grows at incredible speed and, after several weeks, as the velvet reaches the final size, the cartilage within them gradually converts into bone. In this final process, the antler’s blood supply and nerves are lost. When the antlers have fully hardened, the stags rub them against trees or rocks to remove the skin that remains. As a result of this rubbing, the deer develop sharp bony weapons for combat against threats to their harem of females during the autumn rut or mating season.

Each spring the velvet antler cycle begins new and the skin around the pedicle expands and grows, initiating new velvet antler growth. The hard antler from the previous season is cast off and the growth of the new season’s velvet crop begins. It is then that the velvet is harvested for its medicinal and performance qualities.

Is Deer Antler Velvet safe to take?
Yes! One example of a study on safety was commissioned by the University of Otago in New Zealand and overseen by Dr. James M. Suttie, a world recognised leader in velvet research. The studies were carried out according to OECD standards. The studies showed that after 90 days of supplementation with velvet antler, the subjects were showing no unusual signs or symptoms and the doses of antler velvet evaluated in the trial were far greater than any doses of velvet antler commonly used by humans.

How is NutriNZ Premium Grade New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet collected?
Humanely and ethically collected whilst the deer is alive, under local anaesthetics and under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. It is a quick and painless procedure that does not harm the deer. Following the procedure, the deer is released back into the herd.

It is also important to note that antler removal is required on most deer farm as antlered deer are considered a danger to the herd. So even deer farms that do not produce deer antler velvet practice this procedure.