Green Lipped Mussels Capsules
Green Lipped Mussel
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Green Lipped Mussel

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Joint and Cartilage Health

90 Capsules – EXTRA STRENGTH with Rosemary Oil

NutriNZ Green Lipped Mussel is widely regarded as a natural cartilage and joint care superfood. It contains pure cold extracted New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel powder and Rosemary Oil, a botanical antioxidant. This extra strength formula provides the equivalent to 19,000mg of fresh green lipped mussel.

  • Naturally supports joint and cartilage health
  • Rich in anti-inflammatory components
  • Helps in asthma relief
  • Helps reduce joint pain
  • Promotes joint mobility
  • Helps manage symptoms of arthritis
  • Pets can benefit also! Capsules can be pulled apart and contents sprinkled into your pet’s food.

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NutriNZ Green Lipped Mussel is sourced from shellfish found in the clean coastal waters of New Zealand and is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Native Māori have been using green-lipped mussels for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years.

Read more about the benefits of this product in our Article section.

The NutriNZ Advantage:
Sourced from cold extracted green-shell mussel meat (Perna canaliculus), from licensed marine farms in the South Island of New Zealand. The fact that our product is ‘cold extracted’ is crucial as it provides significantly higher anti-inflammatory activity in comparison to steam-opened mussel meat powder and it ensures the bioactive components are preserved.

Bioactive Components:
NutriNZ Green-Lipped Mussel capsules are equivalent to 19,000mg of fresh green-lipped mussel per capsule. It is a high-potency blend containing amino acids (glutamine and methionine), antioxidants (vitamins E and C), and minerals (zinc, copper, and manganese). It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Quality Standard:
NutriNZ’s Green Lipped Mussel 19,000mg capsules are sourced from the Marlborough Sounds in the South Island of New Zealand. New Zealand’s mussel farms are monitored and regulated by the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) to ensure the industry is not only sustainable but environmentally responsible.

New Zealand’s marine-farmed Green Lipped Mussels follow industry best practice guidelines and the New Zealand Environmental Code of Practice for the supply of safe, sustainable, and healthy seafood products. In fact, New Zealand marine farmers’ safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly practices have been recognized by the international conservation organization Blue Ocean Institute, which ranks New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel as one of the top two ‘eco-friendly seafood in the world.

Green Lipped Mussel 19,000mg capsules are GMP manufactured and laboratory quality tested. During storage and shipment, precautions are taken to ensure that product quality is maintained. Each package is given a batch number to enable traceback.

Trusted for over 20 years. Pure and naturally sourced ingredients produced in New Zealand combined with rigorous testing and manufacturing standards guarantee the quality, efficacy, and safety of all NutriNZ products.

Active Ingredients (per capsule): 
New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Powder (25:1).
Each 775mg capsule is equivalent to Green Lipped Mussel Fresh 19,000mg.

Also Contains:
Rosemary oil

Free from: Wheat, gluten, corn, yeast and dairy.

Contains no: artificial flavours, colours or preservatives


Adults: For an initial course of 3 months take 2 capsules daily with food or as professionally advised. Following this, reduce to 1-2 capsules daily. Best taken with food. Capsules can be pulled apart and contents sprinkled into food. You can double the dose during stress / sever symptoms.

Note: It is important for new customers to bear in mind that everybody’s metabolism and absorption rate varies. Most supplements can take up to 3 months to make a difference. We advise you to consider this for your order. There is no limit to long term use.

Not recommended for people with gout, or people allergic to shellfish, or during pregnancy or lactation.

To use, simply open the capsule and sprinkle powder onto their food. Once they try it they won’t eat it without it!
Cats and small dogs: 1 capsule
Medium to large dogs: 1 to 2 capsule

Please note, that the above are recommended daily intakes, which can be doubled during periods of severe health problems.


What are Green Lipped Mussels?
The Green Lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus) is a shellfish native to the New Zealand coast. Interest in the health benefits of Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) stemmed from the observations of native Maori who resided in the coastal regions of New Zealand. Native Maori have included GLM as a staple in their diet for hundreds of years, and it was found that they had a lower incidence of arthritis than European or inland Maori populations.

How are they farmed?
Green Lipped Mussel are naturally able to obtain fundamental nutrients from phytoplankton (a marine organism found in ocean waters) and a vast array of marine minerals found only in the untainted ocean conditions of New Zealand’s pristine waters.
Spat (juvenile mussels) are collected where they wash up in their millions attached to clumps of seaweed. After arriving at a mussel farm, spat are transferred to nursery ropes and grown on the ropes in seawater until about 6 months of age. At this point, they are removed and reseeded onto long-lines (stretches of rope up to several kilometres long) that are suspended between buoys.

Is it normal for the capsules content to have a strong flavour/smell?
Yes, it is completely normal and natural as Green Lipped Mussel is a fresh shellfish product.

After more than 30 years of research and clinical experience, green lipped mussel extract is recognised as one of the most effective natural anti-inflammatory and joint mobility supplements available.

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Purchased this supplement for my 2-year old dog, as he was diagnosed with joint problems. Within just 3-4 weeks I saw a great difference! – Cheryl K. USA

I have had osteoarthritis for quite some time now but found that after taking this supplement there has been an incredible reduction in pain and an increase in mobility. On top of this, I no longer have to take as many drugs for pain. – Jan B. Australia

I cycle long distance and without this product my knees become so saw and stiff that movement is excruciating, with it my knees are totally fine! – Nick P. New Zealand

I genuinely thought my dog improved after a couple of days, but how much of that was wishful thinking, I can’t be sure. However, certainly after a couple of weeks he was like a different dog, he hasn’t limped since and really enjoys running around like a lunatic on walks in the woods – I thought he was just easy going before, but now realise he was probably uncomfortable! – Mike O. USA

I had been having shoulder pain after months of dealing with a partial tear in my biceps tendon. Manual therapy, Prolo therapy, acupuncture and other treatments hadn’t been effective. I began taking your Deer Antler Velvet and Green Lipped Sea Mussel supplements. My shoulder start feeling better within a few weeks, within 6 weeks the pain was completely gone. One of the most profound changes I’ve ever encountered taking various supplements, thank you so much for your products! – Allan K, USA