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Deer Antler Velvet and Cardiovascular Health

Deer Antler Velvet and Cardiovascular Health

Deer antler velvet has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a powerful therapeutic agent for treatment of many health conditions, including those affecting cardiovascular health.

NutriNZ Deer Antler Velvet is sourced from premium grade New Zealand deer and produced via a unique centrifuge process. It is freeze dried at low temperatures to preserve vital bioactive elements making our Deer Antler Velvet an effective and highly regarded natural health remedy for so many people. In fact, it is power packed with 40 key compounds and more than 396 bioactive natural components such as various minerals and trace elements.

Overall Heart Health

It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years for managing hypertension and heart disease as it is known to increase red blood cell generation and improve circulation to various tissues.

One study investigated the efficacy of deer antler velvet supplementation on heart health. For this purpose, scientists used mice which were randomized into groups that either used the supplement or a common medication called Captopril for 4 weeks, while there was also a control group which only had to take water. Results showed that the efficacy of deer antler velvet was comparable to that of Captopril. Scientists concluded that antler velvet is a valuable alternative medicine used in the treatment of heart failure[1].

Blood Pressure Management

Blood pressure variability as a powerful risk factor for stroke and cardiovascular events[2].

Hypertension or high blood pressure is particularly dangerous for your cardiovascular health and this is where deer antler velvet steps in. Deer antler velvet contains pantocrin, an alcohol extract used primarily for its rejuvenating effects. In a study carried out by a team of scientists from Japan, pantocrin showed hypotensive effects[3] i.e. it has the ability to lower your blood pressure and help you keep it in a healthy range.

Speaking of compounds found in deer antler velvet it is also important to mention collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in a human body found in bones, tendons, muscles, skin, you name it. It is more than an ingredient in face creams, collagen is vital for your health and cardiovascular function too. How? Evidence shows that degradation of collagen is positively associated with large elastic and muscular artery stiffness and contributes to hypertension[4].

Cholesterol Regulation

Cholesterol is a waxy and fat-like substance that is naturally present in your body. Although we are led to believe that all cholesterol is bad, your body needs it to function properly. That being said, too much cholesterol in your blood combines with other substances and sticks to the walls of arteries, thus forming plaque. In turn, plaque narrows the arteries and leads to a condition called atherosclerosis, a major risk factor for heart attack and other cardiovascular events. Two types of cholesterol are classified: HDL or good cholesterol with protective effects and LDL or bad cholesterol due to its potential to cause health problems.

Cardiovascular health depends greatly on cholesterol which is why it is essential to keep it in check. A healthy lifestyle is a must here and supplementation with natural products like deer antler velvet is very beneficial.

NutriNZ Deer Antler Velvet

Deer Antler Velvet from NutriNZ is a powerful yet safe dietary supplement that supplies your body with high-quality deer antler velvet. It has been used for managing hypertension and heart disease in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years and it is known to increase red blood cell generation and improve circulation to various tissues. It also reduces cholesterol levels in the blood which indirectly reduces hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke.

Furthermore, in New Zealand, deer velvet removal is classed as a surgical procedure, each procedure being monitored and supervised by a veterinarian that is licensed and trained by the National Velvetting Standards Body (NVSB). These procedures are performed in government-licensed facilities in compliance with a strict code of practice that confirms these animals are unharmed and that essential hygiene standards are followed.

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