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MIP Colostrum for Hair Growth

Colostrum for Hair Growth: Is MIP Colostrum Good?

Do you know that the promise of healthy and strong hair may lie in something as simple as colostrum? That’s right; there is surely a relationship between colostrum and hair growth. 

For centuries, bovine colostrum has been used for medicinal purposes to treat ailments such as skin diseases and wound healing. Recently, it has been seen that using colostrum for hair growth actually yields great results. 

Read the article till the end to know if you should use colostrum for hair growth or if there are better options.

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum (first milk) is a thin, milky fluid that comes from the mammary glands of mammals such as cows, goats, and sheep for the first few days after giving birth to newborn babies. It is packed full of nutrients like IgG, lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, growth factors, and more that are beneficial to the skin and hair.

What is Colostrum Used For?

Colostrum has been used in the traditional medicine of many cultures for centuries. It has been used to:

What Factors Affect Hair Growth?

Before we dive into the discussion of using colostrum for hair growth, let’s take a look at the factors that affect hair growth. It is because there are many important factors that play a role in healthy hair growth. And if the environment is not favorable for hair growth, no matter how much colostrum or any other supplement (or treatment) you use, the results will be limited.

So here are the major factors that affect hair growth:


The most important factor that affects hair growth is genetics. Genes determine various factors like hair color, scalp oiliness, and the speed at which hair grows. We can thank genetics for strong and healthy hair; if your parents have thick, dense hair, you are likely to inherit similar traits. 

The genetic code also dictates which type of scalp is prone to producing more or less oil, often determining how quickly the hair will become greasy after washing and how much attention it needs daily to stay looking healthy.

Hormonal Balance

Maintaining the proper balance of hormones is essential for healthy hair growth. Hormones stimulate the production of an oily substance that protects and lubricates the scalp, which helps nurture and strengthen your hair. They also contribute to normalizing oil production in the scalp, preventing inflammation, and helping to regulate cell turnover rate, which is critical for preventing breakage and encouraging a healthy growth cycle. 

When you suffer from hormonal imbalances or severe fluctuations, it manifests as a variety of hair issues such as thinning, brittleness, or shedding throughout the day.

Nutrition & Diet

Nutrition is a vital factor for promoting hair growth as it provides important micronutrients to the body that are necessary for healthy follicle and scalp maintenance. A balanced diet with essential minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin E, copper, zinc, iron, and selenium can help hair become stronger, shinier, and longer and reduce the risk of hair loss. 

Omega-3 fatty acids like flaxseed oil can nourish the scalp, while protein-rich foods contribute to thicker and healthier locks. Additionally, a diet low in sugar will help protect against scalp irritation and damage. Other than that, it is important to stay hydrated and drink enough water as it helps maintain the health of your hair. So, proper nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining overall hair health.


While some may think that a person’s age is only relevant to how their appearance changes, it also strongly affects how a person’s hair grows. Specifically, hair growth generally slows down after the age of 40 and can even stop completely for some people. 

The decrease in natural oils produced by the scalp due to aging can cause dryness, lack of luster, and more unhealthy-looking hair. So age is also an important factor that can influence hair growth.


Generally speaking, men tend to have thicker hair than women due to higher testosterone levels (male hormone) and its associated effects on the follicles. Although women produce some testosterone since it is found in both sexes, their follicles are eminently more sensitive to it, resulting in less hair on their heads than males. 

This doesn’t mean that women don’t experience hair growth. On the other hand, female hormones are responsible for stimulating and maintaining the growth cycles of scalp hair. But still, it is seen that men experience faster hair growth than women.

Can You Use Colostrum for Hair Growth?

Colostrum is packed full of nutrients that have the potential to improve hair health. It is known to promote hair growth and combat hair loss. Studies have shown that colostrum can increase the amount of collagen produced by the scalp, which helps strengthen hair follicle stem cells and promote new growth. 

In a study published in 2022, it was found that colostrum has the potential to treat alopecia or hair loss effectively. The study found that colostrum can promote the transition from telogen to anagen or from the resting phase to the growth phase of hair in the hair growth cycle.

Colostrum also contains immunoglobulins, which help protect the scalp from environmental toxins and other harmful elements. This can help prevent hair loss and promote healthier, shinier locks.

Colostrum can play its part in converting hair follicles from telogen to anagen, the active phase of hair growth. Its various growth factors are capable of stimulating the proliferation of follicle stem cells, promoting healthy hair regrowth. Furthermore, its anti-DHT properties can help to combat the effects of androgen hormones causing hair loss, arrest the cell cycle and encourage hair regeneration. 

It also helps increase blood circulation to the scalp, which can stimulate hair growth and improve the health of existing hair.

Colostrum Supplements for Hair Growth

As a grown-up, it is not easy to consume enough colostrum to get the desired results. That’s where colostrum supplements come in. They are created to provide the direct benefits of colostrum in a concentrated form. Colostrum supplements are usually derived from cow or buffalo milk, containing all the essential nutrients mentioned above. 

These supplements can provide a concentrated dose of growth factors, immunoglobulins, and other beneficial compounds. Research has shown that colostrum supplements can stimulate hair growth, reduce shedding, improve the health of existing hair and promote new hair growth.

To enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits, specifically the hair growth promoting effect, you have to assure that you purchase an authentic supplement like NutriNZ MIP Colostrum Vege-Caps.

This all-natural colostrum supplement is packed with powerful nutrients and vitamins to help you fight against infections and build your immunity. It is an easy way to stay healthy and keep your hair strong and lustrous. Those following a veggie diet usually don’t go for colostrum or other nutrient-dense non-veg products, but they can get the same benefits from MIP Colostrum by NutriNZ.

This product can help increase energy levels, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion. It is a great choice for athletes who need to recover from tough workouts faster. The added Vitamin C and Iron make it a great source of essential vitamins and minerals for your body.

MIP Colostrum Vege-Capsules are easy to take and are one of the safest colostrum supplements on the market. The supplement contains 90 capsules, each of 500mg. 

As an adult, you can take 2 capsules (1 capsule for children) 20 minutes before meals to get the essential nutrients and vitamins you need for a healthy lifestyle and reversing hair loss. Also, it is free from artificial colors, preservatives, soy, or gluten, making it ideal for those who are always mindful of their health. 

Caution: Be sure to take the advice of a healthcare practitioner before you start using it, and keep it away from children below 5 years old.

Is Colostrum Good for Hair Growth? Final Thoughts

After looking at the evidence, it is fair to say that colostrum is an excellent choice for healthy hair growth. Its high concentration of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals can strengthen hair follicles, encourage healthy regrowth, reduce shedding, and promote thicker locks. 

Whether you opt for natural sources of colostrum or you take a supplement, the end result will be the same: healthier, shinier hair. So don’t hesitate to get your daily dose of colostrum for a complete hair growth transformation.

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