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How to Improve Joint Health and Mobility

How to Improve Joint Health and Mobility? 8 Helpful Tips

Are you struggling to keep up with your regular activities because of joint pain? Do you ask yourself how to improve joint health and mobility? Joint health and mobility are integral to our life, so it is important to take proactive steps toward improving them. As we age, our joints start to deteriorate and lose […]

Best Green Lipped Mussel Supplement for Humans

Best Green Lipped Mussel Supplement for Humans

Do you want to provide your body and mind with the nutrition it needs? Are you searching for the best green lipped mussel supplement for humans that can give an extra boost to your well-being? If so, your search ends here! Long used as a traditional remedy by Māori in New Zealand, green lipped mussels […]

how does green lipped mussel work?

How Does Green Lipped Mussel Work?

Do you struggle with pain, inflammation, and joint health? If yes, you are not alone and thankfully, there are natural remedies that may help. Green lipped mussel (GLM) is one of these potential solutions. It is a powerhouse superfood regularly consumed in regions like New Zealand but only recently becoming popularized in the U.S.  But […]

Green Lipped Mussel for Cats

Green Lipped Mussel for Cats: Benefits & Dosage

Are you a pet owner looking for ways to boost the overall well-being and health of your furry friend? If so, green lipped mussel for cats may be just what you are looking for! Although cats have their own unique nutritional needs, green lipped mussel supplementation can provide them with numerous benefits. This blog post […]

Buy Green Lipped Mussels Supplement

Buy Green Lipped Mussels in the Finest Quality

Are you a seafood connoisseur? Or are you convinced by the benefits of green lipped mussels and want to buy green lipped mussels to enjoy its benefits? If yes, you are at the right place.  Today, we will not only guide you about the benefits of green lipids but also share the best green lipped […]

Green Lipped Mussel and Inflammation

Green Lipped Mussel and Inflammation

Have you ever suffered from inflammation? It is no fun. There is always a pain, swelling, and redness in the body that keeps the mood totally off. Your quality of life diminishes and it can take weeks or even months for the inflammation to go away. Interestingly, green lipped mussels have been shown to help […]

green lipped mussels benefits

What are the Uses of Green Lipped Mussels? Benefits and Side effects

Inflammation is our body’s attempt at self-protection, the aim being to remove harmful stimuli, including damaged cells, irritants, or pathogens – and begin the healing process. Even though inflammation is a protective mechanism, excessive inflammation can lead to damage and troubling symptoms and signs.  In certain diseases like asthma and arthritis, the inflammatory process becomes […]

green-lipped mussel benefits for humans: Green-Lipped Mussel and Arthritis

Green Lipped Mussel Benefits for Humans: Green-Lipped Mussel and Arthritis

Did you know that green-lipped mussels have been shown to help with arthritis? This little shellfish is a great source of antioxidants, which can help reduce inflammation in the body. If you suffer from arthritis, incorporating green-lipped mussels into your diet may be able to help ease your symptoms.  In this blog, we will discuss […]

Green-Lipped Mussel and Asthma 

Green-Lipped Mussel and Asthma: Does Green-Lipped Mussel Help Asthma?

You might have heard the two terms Green-Lipped Mussel and Asthma. But what is the relationship between the two? Well, one is a shellfish originating in New Zealand, and the other one is a chronic inflammatory disease. So, what does it mean when we say green-lipped mussel and asthma? Does green-lipped help in asthma relief? […]

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