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Better Liver Health Thanks to Marine Collagen

Better Liver Health Thanks to Marine Collagen

The liver is one of the biggest organs in the human body and is located on the right side of your abdomen. Reddish-brown in colour and rubbery to touch, liver weighs about 3 pounds. Your liver has important functions in the body; its job is to convert the nutrients from food into substances the body can absorb. Plus, the liver is also responsible for detoxing the body. These functions are essential for your good health, but many factors jeopardize liver and its functionality. When the liver doesn’t work properly, consequences are felt in many other aspects of your health and that is a scenario you want to avoid. NutriNZ Marine Collagen will help you and your liver.

Common Liver Problems

The liver, like many other organs in the body, is prone to damage and a number of problems whose severity varies. The most common problems/conditions that affect the liver include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Cirrhosis – long-term damage to the organ from any cause that leads to scarring (cirrhosis)
  • Liver cancer – the most prevalent form of liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma which usually develops in patients with cirrhosis
  • Liver failure – caused by infection, excessive alcohol use, genetic conditions
  • Hepatitis – inflammation of the liver, caused by viruses like hepatitis A, B, and C. Causes of hepatitis can be non-infectious including obesity, allergic reactions, excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse

Marine Collagen and Liver Health

Marine collagen is a form of collagen extracted from fish like salmon and cod. What makes collagen beneficial for liver health? There are numerous reasons and one of them is an amino acid found within collagen called glycine.

Glycine helps minimize the damage that occurs in the liver as it absorbs foreign substances including alcohol and toxins. Evidence shows that glycine prevents hepatic damage due to alcohol-induced liver injury, which can be a serious health concern. The amino acids within marine collagen speeds up recovery from alcohol-induced liver injury due to an increased influx of chloride into Kupffer cells (specialized macrophages living in the liver) thus leading to decreased tumour necrosis production of factor-alpha[1].

It is also important to mention that the liver can produce glycine naturally but only in limited amounts. The organ uses this amino acid to perform its important functions that keep us alive.

On top of being vastly beneficial for liver health, studies also show that glycine has anti-inflammatory properties and immunomodulatory effects[2].

Marine collagen exhibits antioxidant properties which can also improve liver health and its functionality. Antioxidant therapies represent a useful therapeutic approach for the treatment and prevention of liver diseases due to oxidative stress associated with hepatic damage. Not only does oxidative stress trigger hepatic damage through irretrievable alteration of lipids, proteins, and DNA, but it also acts as one of the pathological mechanisms that lead to chronic viral hepatitis, alcohol liver diseases, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, and other liver diseases[3].

Improving the body’s antioxidant defences is a great way to prevent oxidative damage and minimize their negative effects on the liver.

NutriNZ Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen from NutriNZ delivers 100% pure marine collagen which has been carefully extracted from cod. Collagen extracted from marine sources is safer and doesn’t carry the risk of infections like beef or pork counterparts.

Regular intake of the supplement supplies the body with collagen that exhibits a number of positive health effects, including improved liver functionality. The supplement relieves inflammation, speeds up the recovery process from liver injuries, exhibits antioxidant effects, and so much more.

Furthermore, NutriNZ Marine Collagen is sourced from the pristine coastal waters of New Zealand. Monitored and regulated by the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) to ensure the industry is not only sustainable, but also environmentally responsible.

A natural bioactive and health-enhancing source of vastly beneficial marine collagen, NutriNZ Marine Collagen will help your liver to help your general health.

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